You are looking for someone to help develop a compelling campaign that is in line with your brand's visual style. Coordinating activities with the marketing team, I set goals, budget and timeline. I work with the photographer and ad agency to create your desired message to consumers.


You want someone to coordinate internal resources and vendors for flawless execution of projects. With information from all stakeholders, I develop a detailed project plan to track goals and progress. I ensure that your projects are delivered on-time, within scope and within budget.


You are looking strategic and practical advice to boost your company’s marketing efforts. I am a strategic thinker and knowledgeable in the retail industry. I help your marketing operations to engage your customers and outperform the competition.


You need a competent manager to organize events and grand openings. From sourcing to hiring, I coordinate all operations and supervise staff. I ensure your events are successful and cost-effective.


I am Ria Faust, a trusted and experienced marketing professional who supports large and small retail brands. I specialize in creative direction, effective strategy and efficient project management in the retail industry. With over seventeen years' experience at a Fortune 500 company and over three years' experience at my own social enterprise Sugarcane, I drive traffic that results in sales.

My passion is bringing marketing campaigns to life and measuring performance. Success in marketing requires innovative thinking, thoughtful planning, comprehensive media knowledge, and effective communication. I listen to determine your needs and deliver results-based campaigns, assets, content, projects and events.


If you want to work with me, meet up or just have a question, send me a message. 

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